Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who Else Will Be On The Road With Me in 2007? 8,999 other riders 2,230 one-day riders; 6,770 two-day riders Oldest rider: 85 Youngest rider: 2 years 4 months old 18% first-time riders 74 medical riders 305 riders who have participated in 10+ STPs Two riders who have ridden them all: Jerry Baker and Paul Wantzelius! 2007 riders are visiting from 44 states plus Australia, Canada, England and Serbia.


 Mga congressmen...while you were out having a good time looking for our project recipient....I had the insane moment of signing up for the Seattle to Portland bicycle run...200 miles of utter madness in two days.July 14 and 15.

 A  snapshot of my ordeal started early morning of July 14- Sylvia drops me off at the starting line at University of Washington parking lot area. Up to the last minute, she is still convinced I am crazy for doing it and seemed worried I may hurt myself or get stranded somewhere.

 615am- I take off with a bunch of other cyclists and pedal like crazy. My office mate called and would be starting at about 645pm since he was running late.The cyclists are staggered in bunches for safety reasons starting from 430am thru 730am. 730am- I have a flat tire along Seward park in Renton just south of Seattle. The support crew bring me about a mile further down and along with about 12 other cyclists fall in line to have my tire fixed. I paid $5.00 and went on .I almost succumbed to the temptation of  having the support car bring me all the way to Portland if at all possible. Sure, in my dreams....too late now buddy .

 All along the way, several organizations sponsor  pit stops. They have water, gatorade, fruits, bagels and cookies for energy and also Portable restrooms and first aid. Some sports stores like REI offer them for free while others like the Rotary Club charge a token fee like 25cents for a banana for their own fund raising purposes. After the first difficult challenge at Spanaway-close to the city of Tacoma, an office mate who lives in the area calls and learns we have a pit stop in the area; drives over and meets us with a tall can of beer submerged in ice cubes. He was our angel on that very hot day especially after that "hill " which is really a clone of Aurora Hill in Baguio.We resisted drinking the beer but I used it to cool my overheated aging body. Surprisingly, I made the first 100 miles without any other incident and called Sylvia that I am in Chehalis where I eventually meet her at the hotel I have booked for this purpose. My fellow cyclist who is Irish married to a Japanese brought a whiskey flask with plastic shot glasses and we toasted our first day of insanity. My two other children also met us at the hotel and were pleasantly surprised to see me in one piece.They brought some of my favorite fried rice from a hole in the wall store in Seattle's chinatown for my  extra carbohydrate loading.I also had the now warm beer to chase it down.

 Day 2- 630am-We take off from the hotel 3 miles to the starting line. The starting line at the local community college is busy with free breakfast from the sponsors and cyclists checking their gear to prepare for the last century of the course.

 We take off and predictably; I have another flat to my front tire. After a delay of 1 hour, we proceeded for the rest of the course. most of it are along postcard perfect rolling hills , through  beautiful vineyards, across small towns usa with very friendly people ; winding up and down lonely roads skirting quaint homes, precariously leaning ancient barns so full of character and oh so green farmlands leading to interminably  long stretches of wide hi ways always with well marked bicycle lanes along the road side .For me , this is how I appreciate my second home from the Philippines. It is a beautiful country in its own way but I still miss the Philippines. It was one of the hottest days of this year's summer and i could not resist letting the other cyclists go ahead while i made a pit stop at a gas station in St Helens and wolfed down a Hagen daz ice cream bar. Two other cyclists did the same thing right behind me.We nodded in silent agreement. It was not a race ...the goal was to finish or complete the 200 mile trek and have fun along the way.

One of the biggest challenges for day two is the Longview bridge which is a very tall bridge that spans the great Columbia river dividing Washington state and Oregon. The local police stop traffic at the foot of the bridge and let the gathered cyclists go up thru the bridge with the cheering motorists behind us. With a prayer and lots of gatorade , I managed to overcome this "killer bridge" and went on to finish at about 710pm. Sylvia and all my 3 kids and some friends were at the finish line to meet me.They were very worried because the last time I called them was when I was about 15 miles from the finish line and said it should not take an hour....well most of the last 15 miles turned out to be uphill and a lot of traffic intersections.....arriving more than 2 exhausted hours later. It was a happy ending....I got my " STP 2007 finisher patch." and they treated their dad to a sumptuous Greek dinner and then drove me home-back to my own bed in my house in Seattle.

Yes, I slept like a baby that night.

 another misadventure of insane Rene

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


to be continued...

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Saturday, November 05, 2005
rene posadas' KUSINA

rene posadas'

"Kusina"- The Philippine kitchen; where we all find our  center...it is that room in our minds where time slows down as we find nourishment of soul & spirit ...it is a sanctuary for the weary,an  oasis for the thirsty, a forum for curious anecdotes, echo chamber of irreverent opinions  and at a corner sits a  chiselled  hardwood box of grandma's recipes...it is where a hodgepodge of things past and present are shelved within easy reach, where the stove burns hot with a pot of steaming hot soup on  bitterly cold days and  on warmer days you can find  a tall glass full of  shaved ice of laughter with strips of sweet tropical fruits & tangy goodwill, sprinkled with cane sugar and crispy rice jokes  doused in  cold milk of affection. Please have a seat and enjoy  the quintessential Filipino halo-halo in my kusina !


I am Renato "rene" Posadas the youngest of six; born to Dr.Manuel V.Posadas and Adelina P.Posadas of the Posadas clan of Pangasinan.
My parents moved to Baguio City  after the Pacific war and established a clinic & pharmacy in the heart of downtown Baguio. I was Born & raised in this kingdom of the Clouds, grew up in Trancoville , within earshot of the bells of St.John Bosco church which rang true and clear thruout my childhood.  

The clinic/drugstore was where I spent time after school.It was smack in the middle of the  busiest avenue of the city and everything was in  high definition cinerama ...watching the jaywalkers of my era...baguio natives in traditional minimalist regalia, the typical lowlander with the starched shirt and white hanky ears peeping from a side pocket.Pages from my youth that standout are the dramatic torch parades celebrating the accomplishment of a "son of Baguio" topping the bar exam.Other pages show the pomp & circumstance of Baguio parades down session road. They were always on clear sunny blue sky days with the flowers of my mom's garden all abloom in a riot of colors . The rolling drums,the trumpets and the gaudy floats all have not faded in time  but as if double exposed, juxtapose on dragonflies and grasshoppers in my own corner of our garden.

 Baguio & Pangasinan are all about the shallow rivers of my childhood,dappled with sunlight and laden with fish or tadpoles! The scent of pine needles,the damp and grey veil of the early evening fog and crackling logs in the fireplace are fond memories of the cold seasons. And during the dry months, when the days end with a flourish of magenta and orange in the eastern sky,when the sun,a liquid orb of mercurial fire fizzles to a haze just beyond the horizon  and the twilight  then fades like an errant ember...I swear,  i could hear the sound of waves upon rock a hundred kilometers away from my room...of my childhood in trancoville.


I have become my parents ; mandated inevitably by time. We have 3 children ; born to my wife, Sylvia , also of Baguio.

The eldest is Paul Christian; First Asian Student Council President in his high school in Shoreline,Washington ,Recent Chicago law school graduate, school newspaper editor, anti-defamation league workshop facilitator; budding gourmet cook & gadfly.

Tanya Ria is the second child, also elected as Student Council President in high school and a consistent Deans lister in University of Washington where she graduated in Education intending  to teach sometime in the future.  She is back in nursing school for another degree and is reviewing for her licensing test. Current playmate to a 6 week old Yorkie puppy.

 Nikki is the youngest and most fashionable.Full of verve and the adventurist's spirit. Love of the outdoors lead her to be a crew member of the rowing club; drill team member, hiker, cyclist, snow boarder; writer, and a planned skydiver...heaven help us! Currently, Nikki is pursuing her nursing degree and on to an MD degree...also a consistent "A" student.

Shades...more flashbacks.

I used to work with a great team at Texas Instruments Philippines based in Baguio City's loakan Area circa 1980 to 1989. before moving to Seattle, Washington. I was responsible for Training & Development reporting to the personnel director.

I was hired with the tail end of the start up crew, spending long hours in a state of the art semiconductor manufacturing plant cranking it with sweat , tears and cheers making it one of the leading dollar earners for the country then and today.

Yes ,it was a great team with friends who pushed the envelope...in achieving professional and personal goals. One of the challenges was the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines north of Baguio in the hinterlands of the cordilleras. it was a grand adventure as  we all scaled the highest mountain in the province of Luzon...the enchanting Mt.Pulag and made friends with the "old man of Babadac- a remote town with a single ancient nipa hut where an old man-no taller than 4 feet with white hair and eyes full of wisdom and zen-just  sits ..watching people go by his hut probably amused and content with his secret shortcut to the peak...while we all struggled during the 3 day hike.  Yes, we all made it to the peak ,reaching it just before sunrise...and were witness to the spectacle of sunrise at 9000 feet...with the puny peaks below us ,half shrouded in the morning mist...yes ,here did I feel the presence of someone greater than man.

Working for a multi-national company has its advantages. All of asia was our turf and playground. Each overseas trip meant checking out the latest electronic gizzmos at some obscure shop in Singapore or savor the cuisine of this hole in the wall restaurant with the most bizzare menu....

to be continued. 

 flash! The month of May 2006 has been a good one. My first born and only son-Paul Christian Posadas just passed the Washington State Bar exams. All systems go for a launch. I am confident he will achieve his career goals and have fun along the way!

> >
> > Name- Renato Posadas
> > Currently in Seattle, Washington state,USA
> > Born in September.
> > I Formerly was the Training and Development manager of Texas
> > Instruments
> > before moving to the USA.
> > I facilitate Diversity/Pluralism workshops for corporate America and
> > proud father to 3 children all born in Baguio ; first born is now a
> > practicing lawyer here in Washington State; the second is a nurse and
> > the 3rd still in medical school.
> > My childhood was spent in Trancoville within earshot of Don Bosco
> > church
> > where the bells rang true and clear throughout my childhood.
> > My dad had a clinic along Magsaysay Ave- Posadas Drugstore and
> > Clinic.From that counter, I saw Baguio celebrate her children's
> > successes with dramatic torch parades and motorcades... I saw Baguio
> > grow in odd increments of slow snail paced evolution to sudden
> > mushroom
> > like sprouts of buildings.From that drugstore counter,tempered with
> > wisdom passed on by my elders ;I met people from all walks of life
> > and
> > remember them all with fondness and appreciation ; I know some of
> > them
> > have moved on to a better place by now...and yet Baguio remains ever
> > the
> > center of gravity of our souls. Whether it was the cool foggy mornings
> > with the tangy scent of pine trees; the Baguio summer days full of
> > refugees from the lowland heat; the sound of waves upon rock of the
> > beaches of La Union a hundred kilometers away, like the prodigal son
> > living an ocean away...my spirit always returns to my own corner in
> > our
> > yard in Trancoville, with that mud filled trap covered with old
> > newspapers and camouflage dirt waiting for my older brother to step
> > into
> > it...that corner where I watched; mouth agape; a preying mantis
> > literally snare a huge bumble bee and feast on it in front of my face
> > while I was laying down on the spiky bermuda grass by the house...or
> > that hill along the parish church where on certain days, it seemed
> > that
> > my kites were bourne by unseen angels as it soared effortlessly until
> > the dusk's lavender hues faded into twilight's dark crimson.Yes that
> > corner of my life where the bells of don Bosco's steeple still ring
> > true
> > and clear

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